Cellfish B2C: Cellfish products for everyone

Welcome, you’ve reached Cellfish B2C, our group’s site completely dedicated to products for the general public. Cellfish is a company that specialises in producing digital entertainment. Our offerings are aimed at both specialist companies and individual customers. Browse through our catalogue and rid your life of boredom.

Everything about Cellfish B2C

We’re living in a world of entertainment, where not a second of the day goes by without a consumer finding themselves bombarded with content. Faced with a multitude of choices, it’s difficult to know where to start when choosing the right content, content of real quality, which can relax and entertain you.

This is where Cellfish comes in. With more than ten years’ experience in producing and publishing entertainment products, we know exactly what consumers want. We know how to anticipate and satisfy their needs and we work alongside the greatest talent in every industry on a daily basis to meet consumer expectations.

Cellfish B2C: Our catalogue for the general public

Great music with Cellfish B2C.

Are you fed up with the complications of trying to find the latest hits? Hitster does the job for you and chooses music that fits your personal taste. Thanks to Cellfish B2C, you can treat your ears to some of the most melodious tunes. Would you like to receive fun ringtones? You have a wide choice with our Ringbacktones app and many more musical nuggets stashed within our catalogue.

Get the best videos with Cellfish B2C

We promise quality video programing with our video streaming apps. Our offerings are for all kinds of consumers, of any age.

Become a pro-gamer with Cellfish games

There’s no time to be bored with our handy gaming apps. Our developers have used all their skills to produce the latest and most addictive games for you. Now’s your chance to beat your highest score!